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Monday, December 13, 2010

Closed Mines -- Lost Jobs

The basic problem is for the past half century the country has been hell bent on ruining the economy, and unfortunately they have almost succeeded.  Some serious rethinking about priorities is badly needed.  One of the biggest problems is frankly the EPA they have virtually made it impossible to accomplish anything in the United States.  

We need factories in this country, but the environmental movement has made building one too costly and virtually impossible.  Reforming the EPA so as too streamline the permitting process both cost and time wise would go a long way to begin getting our house in order.

As an example there are any number of gold mines in the Colorado Gold Belt possessing $50 million worth of proven assets, but with the permitting process to reopen these mines costing $75 million the mines remain closed.  Closed mines translate into lost jobs.

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